When the world is changing, it’s time to change your world

Digital drives constant change. We live in dynamic times where speed and agility are becoming an essential part of business DNA; along with the need to navigate uncharted waters with limited resources and without certainty of where to invest to generate future growth.

It’s time to adopt a digital platform mindset. This requires companies to abandon the linear value-chain and expand to multi-party business models that are built on ecosystem innovation and collaboration.

The most successful companies in the world are adding digital platform business models to their mix.

How companies transform into digital superpowers

It’s clear that the world of business, like every other aspect of modern life, is changing quickly, but if a company has a business model that’s remained unchanged for decades, how are they going to adapt to thrive in this new digitalized world? Download the world’s first AI-based report on the top 3,500 publicly traded companies in Europe and the US, revealing how traditional firms can accelerate growth. Additionally our Executive Briefing shows how you could take advantage of business model reinvention with digital platforms.

What is a digital platform business model?

In a world where few innovations are created solely in-house, the co-innovation model helps you to work with complementry partners in order to better serve customers; increasing satisfaction and stickiness, and leads to revenue growth, network effect and economics that are far harder to copy.

A digital platform business model is how an organization enables a business ecosystem to create value and generate revenue. Moving from fixed and linear value chains to multi-sided interactions between the members in the ecosystem cultivates innovation and drives new ideas and offerings.

Innovate as fast as your imagination – BearingPoint//Beyond

Methodology and digital platform

Ecosystem Designer – from idea to revenue

Our digital platform solutions enable you to move rapidly from ideas, to concept, to revenue with an ecosystem of partners to deliver a simple and seamless outcome to customers.

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